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Windows7 is working great…

Windows7 is working GREAT from my install. The corporate IT deploy image is horrible and starting to give win7 a bad name in our org. #win7

Unhappy with current Win7 image…

very unhappy with current Win7 Enterprise image! need to build image and show IT how a corporate deployment image is supposed to work. #win7

Making IT profitable?

So you have a truly great IT department, from the CIO down, but IT is still a cost center. Why not offer their services to other organization at fair market value and at least make it a zero sum cost?
— More to follow soon —

I miss ChopSuey in Seattle!

I miss ChopSuey in Seattle!

Exchange 2007 PowerShell DistributionGroup commands

Here aresome PowerShell cmdlets for working with distribution group in exchange 2007

Get-DistributionGroup – Retrieves properties of a distribution group

New-DistributionGroup – Creates a new distribution group

Remove-DistributionGroup – Deletes a distribution group

Set-DistributionGroup –  Set Properties on a distribution group


How To Create New Exchange 2007 Contacts

You can create (aka import) email contacts in Exchange 2007 from the command line using PowerShell (the Exchange Console). The PS script will read the contact information from a CSV file.

Here is the powershell (Exchange Console) script/command:

Import-Csv contacts.csv | ForEach { New-MailContact -Name $_.displayName -ExternalEmailAddress $_.Emailaddress -OrganizationalUnit "domain.com/company/email/contacts" }

NOTE: be sure to adjust the -OrganizationalUnit parameter in the command above.

CSV file: (contacts.csv)

Mike Wood,michael@example.com
John Q. Customer,johnc@example.org

DOS variables: %date% and %time%

Need to do some date and/or time manipulation in a DOS batch/command file? Here is a good example:

set filedatetime=%date:~10%-%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,2%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%%time:~9,2%
echo %filedatetime% 2009-01-28_15120393

Hope this helps you with your batch files.

Judgment and integrity…

Judgment and integrity go hand-in-hand, just look at pantless politicians for example.

Error Starting Outlook 2007

Error: “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.”

Fix: Orb/Start -> run… -> Outlook.exe /resetnavpane

Back in Dallas!

Back in Dallas!

Rainy day…

A rainy day in Chicago. Really reminds me of Seattle! (in all the best ways)

Fire at Fisher Plaza…

Sucks to be hosted at Fisher Plaza data center today. #fisherfire http://bit.ly/vozbD or http://bit.ly/3FQYY

Good music at Rockit…

Good music last night at Rockit. Off to find breakfast then to the Fluvog store.

AT&T iPhone service sucks…

I want to know why my iPhone won’t stay on 3G. I’m in the heart of downtown Chicago and stuck 80% of the time on EDGE! #attsucks

Enjoying the Taste of Chicago

Enjoying the Taste of Chicago

wrapping up meetings today…

wrapping up meetings today with Feeding America and then it will be time to relax in the windy city

time to relax in the hotel aft…

time to relax in the hotel after a long day in Chicago.

I keep forgeting that it is st…

I keep forgeting that it is still100F degrees at 8 PM. Makes that mile & a half walk a chore.

Cisco ASA 5505 blocking Internet Radio

regueiro writes:
I have blocked Internet radio who use port 80.
You should inspect the port and you can add this commands

regex audio-mpeg "audio/.*"


policy-map type inspect http test_radio
protocol-violation action drop-connection log
match response header content-type regex audio-mpeg
drop-connection log
match request header user-agent regex _default_windows-media-player-tunnel
drop-connection log



class global-class-test
inspect http test_radio


To help you, use a sniffer and capture radio traffic and see http headers.
It is easy to block streaming from media-player, but for other I check the response header and when I see audio/* (like audio/* where * can be mpeg, x-mpeg, mpeg3, and/or x-mepg3 …) I close the connection. 

Sorry for my bad english.


Time to head out and forage fo…

Time to head out and forage for lunch. Then off to the public library. #honduras #attsucks #applesucks