The three rules to remember are:

  1. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after that
  2. Green is good
  3. Guilt is for suckers

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Enable Windows PIN Sign-In

If a Windows 8.x/10 computer is joined to an Active Directory domain then the User Account “PIN sign-in” option is disabled (not Configured) by default. You can set it in either a domain or local Group Policy Object (GPO). It can also enabled on a local computer via a registry key setting. For Local Group … Continue reading

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Windows Search

Advanced Query Syntax Desktop Search Syntax A search query can include one or more keywords, with Boolean operators and optional criteria. These optional criteria can narrow a search based on the following: Scope or data store in which files reside Kinds of files Managed properties of files The optional criteria, described in greater detail following, … Continue reading

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Create the Key Distribution Services KDS Root Key

Create the “KDS Root Key” for use with Managed Service Account (MSA) and Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA). Use the New-KdsRootKey PowerShell cmdlet for set up and initialize the KDS root key. On the Windows Server 2012 domain controller, run the Windows PowerShell from the Taskbar. (I normally run it as Administrator.) At the Windows … Continue reading

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