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Cisco ASA 5505 blocking Internet Radio

regueiro writes:
I have blocked Internet radio who use port 80.
You should inspect the port and you can add this commands

regex audio-mpeg "audio/.*"


policy-map type inspect http test_radio
protocol-violation action drop-connection log
match response header content-type regex audio-mpeg
drop-connection log
match request header user-agent regex _default_windows-media-player-tunnel
drop-connection log



class global-class-test
inspect http test_radio


To help you, use a sniffer and capture radio traffic and see http headers.
It is easy to block streaming from media-player, but for other I check the response header and when I see audio/* (like audio/* where * can be mpeg, x-mpeg, mpeg3, and/or x-mepg3 …) I close the connection. 

Sorry for my bad english.