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Exchange 2007 PowerShell DistributionGroup commands

Here aresome PowerShell cmdlets for working with distribution group in exchange 2007

Get-DistributionGroup – Retrieves properties of a distribution group

New-DistributionGroup – Creates a new distribution group

Remove-DistributionGroup – Deletes a distribution group

Set-DistributionGroup –  Set Properties on a distribution group

To work with DynamicDistributionGroup, replace DistributionGroup with DynamicDistributionGroup.

For more help: get-help cmdlet-DistributionGroup -full

Add member(s) to an existing distribution group?

Add-DistributionGroupMember -Id ITDept -Member "mike"

Grant someone manage a distributiongroup membership permission?

Set-Group -id ITDept –ManagedBy "mike"

Remove the manage distributiongroup permission:

Set-Group -id ITDept –ManagedBy $null