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Usage Notes for WP Utility Short Codes Plugin

[box type=download]Download “WP Utility Short Codes Plugin” from Pippin’s Pages[/box]

Installation Instructions

  • Upload wpus-utility-shortcodes to wp-content/uploads
  • Click “Activate” in the WordPress plugins menu
  • Follow instructions below to insert boxes and buttons into posts, pages, or widgets

Usage Instructions

Boxes can be inserted using the following shortcode (remove the spaces before and after “box”):

[ box options ]Content of the box[/ box ]

Buttons may be inserted with:

[ button options ]Button text[/ button ]

There are several options you can configure for both boxes and buttons, and their syntax is as follows:


For example, the color of the box can be controlled like this:

[ box color=gray ]Content of the box[/ box ]

Another example: you can control the button size like this:

[ button size=normal ]Button text[/ button ]

Icons can also be included like this:

[ button type=alert ]Button text[/ button ]

Complete list of options

  • size
    • full (for boxes only)
    • large
    • normal
    • small
  • color
    • blue
    • red
    • yellow
    • green
    • orange
    • white
    • gray
    • black
  • type
    • alert
    • info
    • note
    • tick
    • download
    • quote
  • align
    • left
    • right