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Enable Virtualization on Dell Optiplex 755

If you want to use Microsoft Hyper-V or Oracle VirtualBox on a Dell OptiPlex 755 system you will need to make/confirm  four (4) specific BIOS setttings.

In the BIOS Setup [F2] change or confirm the following settings if you are receiving errors that the computer does not support virtualization.

  1. Performance -> Virtualization = On
  2. Performance -> VT for Direct I/O Access = On
  3. Performance -> Trusted Execution = Off
  4. Security -> Execute Disable = On

Restart Web Interface for Cisco Call Manager 8.x

If the Cisco Call Manager web administration interface is running slow, or failing to respond, you can restart the Tomcat web service from the server’s SSH CLI shell.

SSH to the server and use the OS Administration username and password to log on. At Cisco’s limited CLI “admin:” prompt type the following command:


utils service restart Cisco Tomcat