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Halo Player Vs. Penis User

Please try this link: The Website Is Down Sales Guy vs Web Dude by casualencountersblog

Other YouTube versions:

The Website Is Down (real voices) by OvinioTM

The Website Is Down – Sales Guy vs. Web Dude by automat53

Dilbert’s Cloudy future

Scott Adams’ Dilbert comic is still as funny and on target as ever… And now the year of the Cloud!(?)…


New favorite quote…

My new favorite quote, “The cloud doesn’t magically fix user incompetence.”
(I think it’s also true for hosting or outsourcing.)

Fix for Poor Infrastructure & System Upgrades

I originally posted this a comment on Slashdot back in November of 2009. I have been thinking a lot lately about the mediocre process most companies do for the planning and upgrading of MIS/IS/IT systems.  This little bit of humor holds as true today a it 10 years ago.

1) Buy a comprehensive insurance policy
2) Write a detailed implementation plan that you copied from a Google search
3) Wait the 3-6 months the plan calls out before actual “work” begins
4) Burn down the building using a homeless person as the schill
5) Submit an emergency “continuity” plan that you wanted to deploy all along
6) implement the new plan in one third the time of the original plan
7) come in under budget by 38.3%
8) hire a whole new help desk at half the budgeted payroll (52.7% savings)
9) speak at the board meeting: challenges you over came to saving the company
10) Graciously accept the position of CIO
Send all paychecks and bonuses to a numbered bank account and retire to a non-extradition country.  🙂


Is psychosurgery available as elective surgery? #lobotomy

Demigodic Party

I am weighing the pros and cons of the Demigodic Party…

Judgment and integrity…

Judgment and integrity go hand-in-hand, just look at pantless politicians for example.

An Old School Infocom Joke

While recently looking on the web at the old Zork, and other Infocom games, I loved so much as a child I came across this old bit of humor. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Infocom interactive fiction - a very old story
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