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Nonprofit CRM Systems

Here are some CRM systems that have specific offering to Nonprofit Organizations

  1. Open CiviCRM
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  3. SalesForce.com Foundation
  4. Convio

You may notice that a major vendor is missing from the list above.  Since I would not personally recommend Blackbaud Enterprise CRM, I have not included them a link to their site.

There are other open source CRM solutions that may also be good for nonprofit organizations but I have not investigated them thoroughly yet. One other open source project of note though is OpenERP.com. I have not seen any customizations or tailoring for nonprofits though.  OpenERP is much more that just a CRM, it is offers a complete enterprise solution that includes: accounting, CRM, HR, marketing, project management, warehouse management, and more.

Good luck with your CRM vendor search.

–Mike Wood