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NoReplyAll Outlook Add-In

The Outlook Add-In can be download from this page: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/60860f41-88ab-4bb4-8104-765feca9cfed/default.aspx

The primary function of this add-in is to add a few buttons to the Outlook ribbon to prevent people from replying to all the recipients of your message or forwarding it, etc. The add-in uses a facility built into Outlook and Exchange that is more lightweight than information-rights management but is not exposed in the existing UI. The add-in also includes a check for common email errors, such as omitting attachments or subject lines.

Outlook 2007 Command-line Switches

What are commands and switches?

Each time you start the program, you run the outlook.exe command, although you do not usually type the command or even see it. You can change certain aspects of how the program starts by adding subcommands called switches to the outlook.exe command. (more…)

Error Starting Outlook 2007

Error: “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.”

Fix: Orb/Start -> run… -> Outlook.exe /resetnavpane